What Resources Do We Have as Adoptive Parents?

In the U.S., 100 million people have experienced a form of adoption in their immediate families. The adoption process, or being placed within the foster care system, has been shared by many.  With so many unique families within America, there’s a necessary need for resources to be available to them. But, most of all, for parents, parenting is a challenging task in general.  The following are five options for adoptive parents, and at the end, there is a guide on how an OCK adoption attorney can help.

  1. Talk to an Adoptive Parent Friend

Sometimes the best kind of help comes from someone who has been in your shoes. For example, knowing someone who has been through adoptive parenting can be an excellent resource for adoptive parents who have difficulty bonding or supporting their adopted children due to RAD or other issues.

Being able to talk to someone with whom you can express concerns or ask questions is valuable. Often, your friend will reassure you about your fears by pointing out that these behaviors are typical for children in that stage of development. The friend can also point you to services when you exhibit troubling or atypical behavior that requires professional attention.

The Oklahoma City adoption community has ways to help you find a parent friend within your time of need. Never struggle with parenting alone, as there are people here to help you.

  1. Seek a Therapist Specializing in Attachment Theory

Often, when someone is suggested to seek counseling from a licensed therapist, people will turn their nose to the idea, especially when seeking advice or help with parenting. Some may feel it is an assault on their parenting skills.

The best way for adoptive parents to process their experiences and feelings is by seeking help from a professional trained in attachment theory. The therapist can help strengthen the adoptive parent and child connection to help the child feel more comfortable in the new environment.

  1. The Community Around Them

Every one of us needs someone to lean on when times are tough as well as when we’re happy. You and your child will feel safer and more loved if you find a community of like-minded people.

Mom’s Facebook groups, churches, synagogues, and schools are also great places to find a community. Regardless of how it’s formed, your community can help your child in some way and help them grow within their new home.

An adoption attorney’s advice is to start by looking on your city’s website to see if anything is happening in the community for adoptive families. If there is, don’t be afraid to attend one with your child.

  1. Parent and Youth Support Groups

As you form your community for you and your child, you may find support groups that can be helpful. Support groups provide the opportunity for parents to network, find resources, and learn from other parents. Also, children who attend support groups have the chance to socialize and connect with their peers.

If you need help, consider contacting an Oklahoma City Adoption Attorney to find support groups around you.

  1. Adoptive Organizations 

Families who are adopting or fostering children may find many organizations appealing. These agencies focus on foster care and adoption. Here is a list of these.

If you need help connecting to these agencies, consider calling an Oklahoma adoption attorney for help.

Consider Us as One of the Oklahoma City Adoption Resources

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