Adoption FAQs

1. Who is eligible to adopt?

Answer:  Oklahoma law states that the following people are eligible to adopt:

  1. A husband and wife jointly if both spouses are at least twenty-one (21) years of age;
  2. Either the husband or wife if the other spouse is a parent or a relative of the child;
  3. An unmarried person who is at least twenty-one (21) years of age; or
  4. A married person at least twenty-one (21) years of age who is legally separated from the other spouse.

2. Who needs a home study?

Answer:  Oklahoma law requires that a home study be completed in all adoptions except certain Step-Parent adoptions.  In Step-Parent adoptions, where the parties have been married for more than a year and living with the child(ren) being adopted for more than a year, the Court has the option to waive the home study.

3. What consists of a home study?

ANSWER: A home study will, at a minimum, include a home visit and discussion with a licensed home study provider about who and why you are adopting, background checks, certified copies of marriage licenses and divorce decrees, proofs of car insurance, and discussions about income and debt.  A home study is not a white glove test, and the providers that our office routinely uses are caring, kind, and compassionate.  Some of our home study providers also accept payment plans.

4. How much does it cost?

ANSWER:  Each family’s situation is different and therefore retainers are quoted on an individual basis.  You can contact us to set up a free in person or virtual consultation.  There are some costs that are the same across the board.

FILING FEE:  This is the fee that the Oklahoma District Courts charge to file your Petition for Adoption.  That fee in Oklahoma District Courts is $184.14.  Each Tribal Court has their own fee system.  Some Tribal Court Clerks charge more and some less than the District Court fee for the filing of a Petition for Adoption.

BACKGROUND CHECKS:  Background checks are $69.00 for each adult living in the home.  In some Step-Parent adoptions only the background checks of the adopting Step-Parent are required.  Some families may have more fees in background checks if they have only recently moved to Oklahoma

BIRTH CERTIFICATE FEE:  The cost to amend an Oklahoma birth certificate after the adoption is completed is $40.00 per child.

COURT REPORTERS:  Oklahoma adoption case law requires that some hearings have a Court Reporter.  The cost to have the Court Reporter sit in your hearing is $20.00.  The transcript from the hearing is sometimes required to be purchased, and those are priced at a cost per page.

5. Can my spouse adopt my children from my previous relationship?

Yes.  Oklahoma calls these Step-Parent adoptions.

6. How long do I have to wait until after I’m married for my spouse to adopt my child(ren)?

Answer:  Oklahoma does not have a waiting period after marriage to pursue adoption.  Couples pursuing Step-Parent adoption in Oklahoma can ask the Court to waive the home study once they have been married for one year and certain conditions have been met.  All couples can file for adoption immediately after marriage if they also obtain a home study.

7. How long does the adoption process take?

ANSWER:  Oklahoma law has a six month minimum time for adoptions to be completed.  Each case is different and therefore take different amounts of time.  Some take longer than six months.  Usually, if an adoption becomes contested it will take longer than the six months.  In some Step-Parent adoptions Judges can waive the six months and the adoption is completed in a shorter amount of time.

8. How do I find a home study provider?

ANSWER:  My office routinely works with the following home study providers:

Connie Duvall
(405) 210-9750

Kimberly Johnson

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