What are the Four Types of Adoption?

adopting a kidIf you’re looking to adopt a child now available for adoption, there are several ways to undertake this life-changing process. None of the Oklahoma City adoptions are easy as 123, so we’ve outlined a few different types for you.

  1. Foster Care

Adoption is the only option for some youngsters because their biological parents can no longer care for them. Foster or group homes are being used as temporary homes for the youngsters while they await going home to their biological parents or adoption. Your attorney can point you to governmental or private adoption agencies.

  1. Adoption of an Infant

Some people are interested in adopting infants. Rather than working with an accredited adoption agency, many people looking to adopt a baby would use an intermediary like a lawyer, doctor, or facilitator. In most (but not all) states, they call it “independent adoptions.”

  1. An Independent Adoption

Public or private adoption agencies can also help you adopt an infant, although the process can take a long time.

  1. Step-Parent Adoption

Step-Parent adoption can occur when a step-parent, who is married to the child’s parent, adopts their step-child.

Here are ways in which adoptions occur:

Adoptions that are Closed or Open

There are no revealing private details about the biological or adoptive families, and there is no communication between them in a closed adoption. Adoptive parents will get non-identifying information on the kid and birth family before arriving in your household.

When you have completed the adoption process, the records are closed. Adopted children may or may not access these records when they become 18, depending on local legislation and the paperwork completed and submitted upon adoption completion.

In an open adoption OKC, the child’s adoptive parents and birth parents might retain close contact. It can include the sharing of photos and letters, phone and video chats, or even direct interaction between the parties. It can also be as limited as only knowing everyone’s names.

It is not uncommon for adoptions of elder children and teens to be open because they may already know their original parents and desire to be in touch with siblings who had different adoptions.

Taking in a Stepchild as Your Own

In a stepparent adoption, state law dictates the process, and every state has its own set of restrictions in place: Adopting a child from a stepparent is an example of a stepparent adoption and no home study is required is many of these adoptions.

A local adoption lawyer can be a tremendous help for an Oklahoma City adoption.

Other ways to do an OKC adoption include:

  • Taking in a relative as a child
  • Grandchild Adoption
  • Adopting a Grown-up: Adopting an adult is permitted in most states
  • Adoption Across Borders (International)

For many families, these types of adoption processes are complex and expensive. International adoption is no longer possible in some countries, while in others, the number of children up for adoption has drastically reduced.

How an Attorney Can Help with Your Oklahoma Adoption

When considering any of these types of adoption Oklahoma City process, due to the complexity, to make the process easier, it’s best to contact an adoption attorney at Lisa R. Howard P.L.L.C. We’ll help make the transition to the start of a new family less overwhelming by handling the tricky parts for you and with you.

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