Unexpected Challenges Adoptive Parents Can Face

gay couple with their adopted childIf you are planning on adopting a child, there can be unexpected challenges you’re likely to face along the way. While most will be within your control, some will be outside your control. Hence, you may find yourself enlisting the services of a legal mind like Lisa R. Howard P.L.L.C. to navigate some of those challenges. 

In this article, we highlight unexpected challenges that adoptive parents are likely to face, and here are some of them:

1. Lack of consent from biological parents.

Lack of consent is one of the challenges that you should expect when you try to adopt a child. This problem typically happens when a birth mother changes her mind about placing the child for adoption. Here is a common scenario the Oklahoma City adoptions face:  The birth mother decides to give the child for adoption. She makes this decision without informing the child’s father or her parents.

Then, when the child is about to be adopted, the father finds out about it and tries to stop the process. The mother decides not to sign adoption papers until the father gives up his parental rights. But the father refuses to give consent; as a result, extensive court battles begin. If you are a potential adoptive parent and find yourself in that situation, an attorney can help you speed up the process.

2. Identity crisis

Another common challenge adoptive parents should expect is identity challenges for adopted children. This problem is common in children that are in the adolescent stage. Such children may often struggle to find their place in their family and end up feeling rejected by family members. If you find yourself in this situation, you can get the support you deserve from the adoption Oklahoma City.

3. Getting parental rights

Adoptive parents are more likely to have trouble with both parents giving up their rights. In such instances, you will find out that one of the parents wants to retain custody of the child, although they may not have the financial means to provide for the child. Under such circumstances, the OKC adoption attorney may intervene and can file with the Court to ask that the consent of a biological parent is not necessary.

4. Expect to spend more money.

There are also financial challenges about adopting a child that adoptive parents are likely to face. Some examples are attorney fees, court fees, home study fees.

5. Unexpected Challenges with inter-country adoption

If you plan to adopt outside the United States, expect inter-country adoption issues to arise. The problems you may deal with range from visa requirements to getting permission to adopt.

For instance, there are certain countries where the government does not permit you to adopt a child and bring that child to the United States. Find out which countries you cannot adopt from by contacting the Oklahoma City adoption. You will get all the information you need regarding adopting from a foreign country.

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