Is It Possible To Adopt Someone Over 18 in Oklahoma?

the girl embraces the womanYou might think that adoption is only for children. However, an adult can adopt another adult in Oklahoma.

In fact, an adult may be adopted by another adult so long as the adopting adult(s) agrees to it. If adults decide to move forward with this, a court will review the matter and ensure that it is in the best interests of all involved.

It’s wise to seek legal counsel from an adoption lawyer when considering an adult adoption, as it can have many major ramifications. In this blog, we will cover some considerations in adult adoption, but feel free to reach out to Lisa R. Howard, P.L.L.C. for more information.

Adult Adoption Oklahoma

Adult adoption is not as common in Oklahoma as child adoption. Child adoption is often a step-parent adopting a step-child. Sometimes, adult adoptions follow a similar course. An adult, including a step-parent, may adopt another adult for various reasons, including:

  • To clarify inheritances and family relationships.
  • To protect the adopted child in case a will is contested.
  • To take care of a dependent adult experiencing physical or mental challenges.

Every family is unique. You may have your reasons for considering adult adoption. Remember that adoption can have major implications for you, your family, and the adoptee. For this reason, it’s wise to work with adoption lawyers in OKC.

Is Adult Adoption Easier Than Adopting a Child?

In some ways, adult adoption in Oklahoma is easier. The process to adopt is often very difficult to understand for children and can be emotionally tumultuous. The same is true for adults, although in some cases, it may be easier for adults to understand and cope with what can be seismic change.

Do Biological Parents Have To Be Contacted During an Adult Adoption?

Unlike in child adoption where biological parents’ rights must be considered. But with adult adoptions, it’s not necessary to achieve the consent of or to even contact biological parents.

How Long Does the Adult Adoption Process Take?

Compared to a child adoption process, adult adoptions often proceed more quickly, assuming that the adopter and adoptee want the adoption.

Child adoptions often require home studies, such as social workers visiting the home to observe the family and household. This may not be needed with an adult adoption.

That said, courts will review the adoption, and they may ask for clarification on various aspects. The courts work to ensure that the interests of both parties are upheld. 

For most families, to adopt an adult can be completed in one court appearance.

What If the Adult Is Not Legally Able To Give Consent?

In some situations, an adult may not be able to give consent themselves. In this case, there are a few options to be explored under Oklahoma law.

Seeking Legal Counsel Is Imperative With Adult Adoptions in Oklahoma

Adopting an adult can have as big of an impact on a family as adopting a child. The process, in some ways, maybe a bit more straightforward. However, the ramifications can be every bit as complex. It’s wise to speak with an Oklahoma adoption attorney, who can help you understand how adopting an adult may impact:

  • Inheritances, estates, and wills
  • Your obligations as an adopter
  • The court system and potential complications

With wills, inheritances, and estates especially, adopting an adult could impact other members of your household, including other biological or adopted children. Often, adult adoptions are made with this in mind. However, it’s wise to consider everyone’s interests and potential future complications before proceeding.

Adopting an adult who cannot care for him or herself will also have additional ramifications that need to be examined. Adoption is always a big step and can dramatically impact both adopters and adoptees. Legal counsel can provide clarity and objective input. Contact Lisa R. Howard P.L.L.C., adoption lawyers OKC.

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