Adult Adoption: Things You Should Know

adult adoptionAre you wondering if is possible to adopt an adult? Most people are not aware that it is possible to adopt an adult. We’ve put together this article for people like you if—this article highlights the adult adoption process and how an adoption attorney can help.

But let’s clear this up right away:

What is adult adoption?

Adult adoption is a process that helps an adult to have a new family. In most cases, adult adoption offers an adult living with a disability or just anyone who can’t care for themselves a chance to have a family. You can get a legal representation from Lisa R. Howard P.L.L.C., who will work to ensure that your adult adoption application becomes successful.

What are the requirements of adopting an adult?

There are specific requirements that each adoption application should meet. First, the person you want to adopt should be 18 or older. Over and above that, the adoptee should give consent in writing. Otherwise, your application could be deemed null and void by the court of law.

What are the reasons for adopting an adult? 

Generally, people would adopt an adult for various reasons, and here are some of them:

  • A family may want to adopt an adult for estate planning purposes. This way, transferring your property will be more straightforward. For instance, the property is relatively easier to transfer between a parent and a child.
  • Adults who didn’t know their family may consent to adoption after discovering their natural family.
  • A foster child may consent to adoption after developing a closer relationship with the foster family.
  • A stepchild may agree to be adopted after his biological parent(s) die.

What is the procedure of adopting an adult?

There is a procedure that you need to follow when adopting an adult. Each state has its set of rules that all adoptive parents have to adhere to, failure to comply with those rules may minimize their chances of adopting a child.

  1. All the adoptive parents should fill out the correct forms, which an OKC Adoption Attorney can help you fill out correctly.
  2. You need to sign the papers in the presence of a notary. Then have all your documents embossed by the same notary.
  3. Submit your application to adopt an adult.
  4. Receive a court date with Family Court. Your Oklahoma Adoption Attorney will prepare you to appear in court and be present with you for your hearing(s).
  5. Then you will appear before a family judge who will decide your case; an Oklahoma City Adoption Attorney can also represent you in court.
  6. In many cases, an adult adoption moves at a much faster rate than the adoption of a child.

How does an attorney help you to adopt an adult?

An adoption attorney will assist with the entire process of adopting an adult. If you are going through an adoption Oklahoma City, you can find an attorney who is best equipped to handle adoption cases. They will always assist you with the following:

  • The attorney will help you fill out all the adoption documents.
  • Your attorney will ensure that your adoption application meets all your state’s requirements.
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