Adoption Pricing: How an Attorney Can Help

adoption When you think of adoption, you are likely to think of only the legal parenting between a parent and child. Unknown to many, adoption also extends to other areas, namely inheritance, legal, and tax responsibilities. It also covers adults who wish to be adopted after turning 18.  While numerous factors will inform your decision to adopt, it is inevitable that you will have questions about overall adoption pricing. Below, we discuss the types of adoption to expect, the steps required, and how an OKC adoption attorney can help.

Types of Adoption

International Adoption

International adoption entails the adoption of a child from another country. Unlike domestic adoption, international adoption will often come with additional requirements, with the majority of the adopting parties required to submit additional forms.  Most international adoptions require the adoptive parents to go through a re-adopt process once they return to Oklahoma.

Adult Adoption

Adult adoption is the adoption of an adult by another adult. This often occurs when as a child, they considered another adult a parent, and then decide as an adult that they want this parent figure to become their legal parent.

Grandparent Adoption

Grandparent adoption involves the adoption of a child by their grandparents. If the child’s parents can no longer take care of the child or are incapacitated, the grandparent can opt for this type of adoption for better legal coverage.

Stepparent Adoption

Stepparent adoption involves the adoption of a stepchild by a stepparent. Under this scenario, the stepparent will often have a prior active role in raising the child.

Steps in the Adoption Process

Adoption involves several steps before you can become an adoptive parent, with the most common being:

Potential Consent of the Biological Parents

Although consent is not always necessary, when it is necessary getting consent from the biological parents will be one of the most crucial steps in Oklahoma City adoptions. Consent can be obtained from various parties, such as the biological parents, divorced parents, or the legal guardians of the child in question. In cases involving adoption agencies, the biological parents will often consent before the adopting parties are identified.  In Oklahoma, consent from a biological adoption is not always necessary.  Adoption Attorney Lisa R. Howard, P.L.L.C. can discuss the law with you and whether consent is expected to be a contested issue in your case.

Obtaining Consent from the Adoptee

Oklahoma adoption law requires that children ages 12 and older consent to being adopted. Your Oklahoma City adoption attorney will come in handy here and will provide all forms necessary.

Filing a Court Petition

After getting consent from the above parties, the adopting party will be required to file a petition with the court requesting approval of the adoption.  In many cases, Adoption Attorney Lisa R. Howard, files additional documents with the Court to ensure that her adoptive families have a focused approach.


Next, comes the receivership of the notice. Parties who have an interest in the child will receive notice of the petition. This often includes the guardians, parents, adoption agencies, or your Oklahoma adoption attorney.

Various Other Hearings

Prior to the final adoption hearing, most cases have several hearings where the Courts make decisions on issues such as:  whether a biological parent’s consent is needed for the adoption to go through, whether a home study is necessary, and whether the adoption is in the child’s best interest.

Adoption Hearing

This last step involves the judge’s approval of the new adoption arrangement, after which they issue a final decree of adoption.

Adoption Pricing In OK

Adoption pricing will vary depending on the type of adoption utilized.  Most adoptions will require a home study and all adoptions require background checks.  OKC Adoption attorney Lisa Howard can help you choose the right home study provider for you.

In addition to the above, adoption pricing can also fluctuate due to additional costs such as filing fees and travel costs. Attorney pricing will also be another factor to consider.

OKC Adoption Attorney Lisa Howard works hard to make adoption affordable to all.  She proudly offers payment plans so families can get the process started sooner rather than later.  OKC Adoption attorney fees are probably more affordable than you think.

How an Attorney Can Help

Adoption is a life-changing decision that will often involve special legal formalities. If you are looking for help to navigate this process, an adoption attorney will be what you need. From helping you get the necessary paperwork to helping you get past any post-adoption legal issues, OKC adoption attorney Lisa R. Howard will help you through the adoption process.  You will not have to worry about finding or drafting any paperwork.  Attorney Lisa Howard does all of that for you.

If you also need advice regarding the type of adoption process to use and how to contact the right parties, an attorney will be your best shot at getting all the moving pieces in order. Contact Lisa R. Howard P.L.L.C. today for your adoption needs.

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