Uncontested Adoption – Basic Procedure – New Birth Certificates

female case worker visiting woman with adopted childrenAdoption is a legal process that allows an adult to take custody of another individual’s biological child, raise it, and have parental authority and rights. As the adoptive parent(s), an individual or couple who successfully adopts another person is granted both the rights and obligations once held by the natural parent.

Lisa R. Howard, P.L.L.C., an adoption attorney familiar with Oklahoma adoption laws, assists individuals and couples who meet eligibility criteria under state law and wish to pursue adoption. Those who choose to adopt may include spouses at least 21 years of age who wish to adopt jointly, a wife or husband whose spouse is a relative or parent of a child, a legally separated person who is at least 21 years old, or an unmarried person who is at least 21 years old.

With the legal assistance of an adoption attorney Oklahoma, residents may complete this process, gain custodial rights, and secure a modified Oklahoma birth certificate that reflects the custodial changes after a successful uncontested adoption has occurred.

Uncontested Adoption: The Basics

Generally, adoptions take two forms:

  • Contested adoption: A situation where either one or both of the birth parents object to the process.
  • Uncontested adoption: This occurs when the birth parents consent to the adoption and sign legal documents confirming and expressing their agreement with the process.

The adoptive child, the adoptive parents, and the biological parents are parties of record in any adoption. In an uncontested adoption, these parties agree to allow an adoption to move forward. The biological parent with custodial and legal authority signs legal documents that surrender their parental rights and transfers those rights, with their consent, to an adoptive parent.

An uncontested adoption requires both living biological parents to consent to the adoption, assuming that each biological parent has not lost parental rights due to earlier court actions, legal decisions, or transfer of parental authority.

As one of the adoption lawyers OKC, families have trusted us in this delicate process. Lisa R. Howard, P.L.L.C. firm understands that clarifying the transfer of roles and responsibilities is often an emotional and difficult process for all parties involved.

Obtaining a New Birth Certificate

Under Oklahoma law, when a child is adopted, a revised birth certificate, known as an amended birth certificate, is provided. A benefit of adoption under Oklahoma law is the ability of the adopted child to receive an amended Oklahoma birth certificate that reflects the name of the adoptive parent(s). When this revised birth certificate is issued, the names of the adoptive parent(s) replace those of one or both of the biological parents that have surrendered their parental authority. If the child’s name has been changed, the new birth certificate will also include the child’s new name.

For many adoptive parents in Greater Oklahoma City, receiving an amended birth certificate is a very happy event that signifies the completion of the adoption process. At a minimum, Oklahoma law requires at least six months for the adoption process.

The packets required to complete amended birth certificates are substantial, and the work involved is quite arduous. Our adoption attorney has the expertise to expedite the process so that adoptive parents can secure an amended Oklahoma birth certificate after the adoption is finalized.

Looking for Assistance from an Adoption Attorney?

There are benefits of receiving an amended Oklahoma birth certificate processed by our firm:

  • Attorney Lisa R. Howard can process the birth certificate paperwork in each case.
  • The cost to amend a birth certificate in Oklahoma after an adoption is $40.00.
  • Once our firm processes the paperwork, the adoptive parent(s) will have the amended birth certificate mailed to them.
  • This birth certificate lists the adoptive parents as the parents, with any information about biological parents who have signed over their rights removed.
  • The amended birth certificate does not indicate that an adoption has occurred in any way and will reflect the child’s new name if it was changed in this process.

A compassionate attorney familiar with Oklahoma adoption laws can assist you by providing guidance and assisting with documentation requirements throughout the adoption process. For an adoption attorney in Oklahoma that residents trust, contact Lisa R. Howard, P.L.L.C., to discuss your options and rights as adoptive parents.

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